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  • Aftermath Nightclub
    Added by Loraly 2019.12.11
    Excellent club one of the best late night clubs in Palm Beach County.....❇❇5 stars❇❇❇ Shout out to the club owner ????????Jamie????????
  • Peter Luddy Painting Contractor
    Added by Rory McCarty 2019.11.27
    Avoid using this company if possible. Project started on time which was critical for us. Workers were awesome. Price fluctuated every day and in the end we called back to do touch up work in a few areas. Ran out of paint for one area and was told t would be taken care of. Now after numerous calls with no answers I have told them to forget it. I guess if you pay $9000 to paint a house a $45 gallon of paint to finish the job is too much to ask. Avoid at all costs.
  • Atlantis Citgo
    Added by Brenda pleu 2019.11.27
    Very nice everyone is very courteous ssd's
  • D S Home And Move
    Added by Mark Davis 2019.11.21
    We had our refrigerator stopped working under warranty and needed it return to the store and a new one delivered. We hired D’s because he had good reviews, claim to be fully insured and was available to help us. We have been without a refrigerator for almost 3 weeks. When they arrived it was two young kids in a beat up Ford Ranger with exhaust leak and no signage on the truck. They first asked if they could drive across my lawn, I said it had been raining and I didn’t didn’t want ruts on my lawn or for it to get torn up. They then brought it in appliance dolly and attempt to move it through the doorway without it being strapped to the dolly. They end up laying the fridge down on his front & dragging it across my concrete step, standing it upside down and bringing it to the truck on the dolly, dropping shelves as they went. When they returned with in the new refrigerator it was laid down in the back of the truck on its back. Refrigerators need to be transported standing up to prevent damage to the compressor mounts. They then unwrap the new fridge and wheeled it to the door on the dolly not strapped down and attempt to lift the fridge over the threshold it fell approximately 10” inches back on the concrete step damaging the back of the fridge, then they lifted the fridge into the house. I instructed them I would move it from the living room to the kitchen, but they insisted and I could hear it scratching my hardwood floor as he rotated it. I paid them and they left. I noticed my storm door would not close because the bottom piston bracket have been bent. My wife contacted Will Oldershaw as soon as they left to let him know about the issues and for him to email us a receipt as promised. He claimed I said there was no damage and everything went smooth and damage the floor was impossible because they “use the dolly” & then called and when I started to explain what happened he called me a liar, scammer & said I did the damage myself. He then refused to provide a receipt and made several threats. The fridge is loud and vibrates from being dropped. We filed a claim with insurance and they claim he doesn’t have coverage for these types of things. My homework insurance told me he had his policy written in such a way that it basically covers nothing. I will be filing a small claims court if this isn’t resolved. Beware, he is not fully insured and has a high deductible. His liability insurance does not cover any property being moved under his care “share custody or control”.
  • Jasper County Health Department
    Added by Yolanda 2019.11.20
    Jasper County Health Department is a great clinic. They are so concerned about your needs and the needs of your family. There are very confidential of your information. I LOVE JASPER COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT.
  • Nash Buckingham Park
    Added by Aaron 2019.11.20
    I would like to know why it's closed. Every time I drive by there is a gate that is closed?